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How to pick up Thai women easily in Bangkok

Are you bald, Fat and ugly? Do you smell? Having trouble pulling the ladies? Or simply just not interested in the girls in your own country?

No worries mate! We've got just the solution for you.

Thailand is a paradise on earth for really smokin hot babes! If you're single or just plain bored with what passes for females in your own land then Thailand could just be the adult playground for you.

Take the Thai girl test before the shag fest begins!

Q: Are you looking for hot fun with Thai bar girls?

A: I'm looking for sexy fun in Thailand. I'll shag anything except for one of those lady boys!

Solution: Pick up a Thai hooker, bar girl or Bangkok massage parlour girl. These girls work in the Thai entertainment industry. You'll find them in all the big resorts like, Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. In Bangkok they can be found in the larger entertainment complexes such as Soi Cowboy or The Nana Plaza on Sukhumwit road.

Types of Thai hooker you'll encounter

Knowing your pray in this game is king. They're the prey and not YOU! Keep this in mind when you are in negotiations with them!

Thai Bar girl:  Usually works the bars and charges the earth if she can get away with it. Once more down to you! After a bit of haggling a decent price can be settled upon. Remember you'll have to pay a bar fine to take her out of the bar for the night. Unless of course you pick her up after the place closes, then it's gratis!

Freelance Thai hooker: Freelance Thai street walkers usually hang around streets like sukhumwit road. They are usually quite forward in trying to solicit you. Just walk down the street and listen for that hey sexy man, I love you long time Well worn line, it's a dead give away.

Freelance Thai street meat as I like to call them work for themselves, no bar is involved. You can get some pretty good prices here if you play your cards right. On the downside, these girls are totally unregulated so std's could be a problem. Just make sure you put one on the end of it, or maybe two. Watch out for Thai lady boys(katoey) trying to pass themselves off Thai ladies. I know it sounds crazy, but some poor punters have been caught out before. If in doubt stick your hands down there if you feel a couple then get out of there fast! Remember nuts are only for squirrels & monkeys!

Massage parlour girls: These girls work in massage parlours. Believe it or not some of them offer a little more than a good old pommeling down. It's called extra's. Anything from a BG to full hanky panky is on offer. How far it goes will be down to you. You could even arrange to meet them after work and go back to their place or your hotel. Keep in mind that the only tip they should be getting from you is the one that looks like a German helmet with a Japs eye on top.

I want to do something really naughty :-) My girl doesn't understand English. Help!

Most Thailand tourists will run into the language barrier. I mean where would you learn a phrase like... I want to eat your pussy from, yaak kin hoi. None of the so called  phrase books like that dare tread such ground.

One such book dares to go there. The thai bar guide. This is a great little book and has all those naughty phrases in that you can't learn anywhere else.

Firstly you get to know your girl... Hello how are you sawatdii khrap pen yang ngaai baang.

Where do you come from.. kun maa jaak thii nai

Then after that you move in for the kill with phrases like... less talk and more sucking is better  poot noi noi chai paak ye ye dee gwaa

Fed up with your girl? Then dump her with phrases like... you are stupid and ugly get lost  ngo lae naa kliat pai klai klai

Now go get em!

English - Thai - Bar Guide
ISBN : 974-619-118-7
Category : Phrasebooks English-Thai
Pages : 170
Price : 6.50 US$

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